Dedicated to separate business and personal communications

You are a solopreneur, juggling many balls at the same time!

You essentially want to separate your business and personal phone number without the need to spend on a second phone...

Well, you are in the right place.





Here are some powerful features

UK mobile & landline

Get a new UK mobile / landline number in a few seconds or port your existing ones to Swytch.

Unlimited numbers

Need more numbers to separate communications? Get as many numbers as you need on one or separate accounts.

Scale up & down

Add or remove users from your Swytch account with immediate effect using the Swytch online dashboard.

Cheap international calls

Make international calls from your Swytch number(s) at a fraction of traditional network costs.


See who's calling you and on which line before you take the call to get a proper sense of separation between your lines.


Swytch numbers are yours to keep. You can port them to any other network at any time with no commitment at all.

More features here...

Get a separate business number now...




Senkaz Group


"If you are looking for an app or desktop that can handle your online mobile or landline virtual numbers, this is the one. The service and email communication are also outstanding. I could not be happier. Thank you."





"Amazing customer service and really great company. Ideal for using a separate number for WhatsApp business but on the same device as your normal number! I have recommended to all of the clients I manage."



L Simon


"This is a wonderful solution for digital phone naive 43 year old. Simon was so helpful walking me through the process. The communication from the company is second to none, I can highly recommend. Warmest wishes and thanks"

So far, so good? Why Wait?


It's so cheap, its unbelievable...

Basic Plan


/month + VAT

tick    1x Mobile/landline number
tick    Cheap UK calls (From 3p a minute)
tick    Cheap UK SMS (4p per SMS)
tick    Cheap international calls
tick    Free inbound calls + SMS
tick    Free Swytch to Swytch
tick    Port-in existing numbers
tick    No set-up fees
tick    No commitment




Looks like Swytch is the solution to keeping your personal and business numbers separate...


Still have some questions?

Why should I use Swytch?

We cannot stop ourselves from going on an on about why you should use Swytch but here is the start:
By using Swytch number
1. You save the cost of a second phone.
2. You save the cost of contract of a second (or third, fourth...) SIM number
3. If you are a solopreneur and run your business on on whatsapp, you can have whatsapp for personal and business separated on one single device. Read More.
4. If you are an expat but have ties with UK, then you can have a UK number using Swytch without the hassle of getting the SIM or paying for extra for roaming charges.
5. If you are online shopoholic, you can use Swytch number to separate your communication about your shopping to your other personal communications.

How long will I have to wait before my Swytch number is ready to use?

As soon as you've signed up via our website your Swytch account will be setup and a number allocated to your user account immediately. From there, all you have to do is download either the iOS or Android app on your phone and that's it, you can start using your Swytch numbers to make and receive calls and texts straight away!

In the same way, if you invite other Swytch users or add more numbers to your account they will also be available for use immediately - the ease of which you can manage your account is one of the key benefits of Swytch.

How much does Swytch cost?


For full details, please visit our Pricing page.

Using Swytch has two separate costs. All costs are centrally billed to the card allocated to the Swytch account - users are not billed directly for any usage; everything is paid for by the company/admin.

  1. Number subscription - £5+VAT per month per number - this is to keep Swytch number hosted in the cloud and allows you to access it from any connected device anywhere in the world.
  2. Call and SMS charges - when outbound calls or texts are made via a Swytch number there is a charge per minute or per text which depend on the destination. Outbound calls and texts are charged at the same local rate no matter where you are based in the world, Swytch does not charge additional international charges. Please check our rates to a specific destination by going to our Pricing page where you can enter any number and see the cost to call or text it from Swytch.

Inbound communications are always free to receive wherever you are in the world - no roaming charges!



Can we use the Swytch number with whatsapp?

Yes, the Swytch number can be used with Whatsapp.

Important tip: If you have a business on Whatsapp and want to avoid two phones, one dedicated to personal and one for business, then read this blog.

Can I share my Swytch number as a contact number in banks and receive messages?

Yes, you can share the virtual mobile number generated through Swytch in banks just as you would share your mobile number and you can receive text messages.

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