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Sharing your main number with your banks and official entities while using it on social media, online shopping, crypto, or dating apps puts your identity, your assets, and your own security at greater risk nowadays.

Fortunately, separating your main number from the one(s) registered with online services will solve many headaches, and we have built the ideal solution to combine low prices and flexibility for you.

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Here are some powerful features

UK mobile & landline

Get a new UK mobile / landline number in a few seconds, or port your existing ones to Swytch.

Free internal calls

You and your team/family can use your Swytch numbers to make unlimited free internal calls.

Unlimited numbers

Need more numbers to separate communications? Get as many numbers as you need on one or separate accounts.

Add & remove numbers

All numbers are managed from your dashboard where you can order/cancel them at any time with no commitment.

Mobile apps

Use your allocated numbers on your existing device via our intuitive and natively-designed iOS and Android apps.




Bring your existing number(s) in no time to Swytch with our simple and efficient porting service.

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"I signed up with this company in March 2022. So far my experience with them has been excellent. The product works and when I have emailed the company, the replies have been very helpful and quick (usually the next day)."



Stuart Berry


"Absolutely fantastic service. Great people. Very quick turnaround - it took 24 hours to get processed. 100% positive experience."





"My experience with Swytch was great. The set-up was hassle-free, the call performance was great and the app runs perfectly in the background. The customer service was also fab!"

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Basic Plan


/month + VAT

tick    1x Mobile/landline number
tick    Cheap UK calls (From 3p a minute)
tick    Cheap UK SMS (4p per SMS)
tick    Cheap international calls
tick    Free inbound calls + SMS
tick    Free Swytch to Swytch
tick    Port-in existing numbers
tick    No set-up fees
tick    No commitment




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Still have some questions?

Should I use Wi-Fi or mobile data?

Swytch uses your internet connection to work, so wherever you can, use a wifi connection to avoid using your data plan. Otherwise, a local data plan is the best option, as you will not get any roaming charges. If you are not planning on getting a local data plan when traveling abroad, please be extra careful with your data usage. Swytch does not consume a lot of data, but most of your phone activities will, and you could build up a massive bill with the roaming charges.

Are there any charges for incoming calls?

No, incoming calls are not charged.

Will my mobile operator charge me for using Swytch?

No, the mobile operator will not charge you for Swytch's calls/texts. But since Swytch uses an internet connection to work, it will use the mobile data on your primary number if you are not using Wi-Fi for the internet.

How can I request for number porting?

Please write to our Customer Support.

Why should I use Swytch?

We cannot stop ourselves from going on and on about why you should use Swytch, but here is the start.
By using Swytch number:
1. You save the cost of a second phone
2. You save the cost of the contract of a second (or third, fourth...) SIM number
3. If you are running a business on WhatsApp, you can have WhatsApp for personal and business separated on one single device
4. If you are an expat but have ties with the UK, then you can have a UK number using Swytch without getting a new SIM or paying extra for roaming charges.
5. If you are an online shopaholic, you can use the Swytch number to separate your communication about shopping from your other personal communications.

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