Say goodbye to work phones!

Are you looking for the ultimate phone system for your business?

Whether your employees are working from the office or remotely, your business and people need a reliable phone system without the hassle of a physical device.

With Swytch cloud-based phone system, provide work mobile and landline numbers on your employee's personal devices so they can communicate from anywhere without giving up on a proper separation between business and personal.

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Here are some powerful features

UK mobile & landline

Get a new UK mobile / landline number in a few seconds, or port your existing ones to Swytch.

Unlimited numbers

Need more numbers to separate communications? Get as many numbers as you need on one or separate accounts.

Add & remove numbers

All numbers are managed from your dashboard where you can order/cancel them at any time with no commitment.

Free internal calls

You and your team/family can use your Swytch numbers to make unlimited free internal calls.

Add & remove numbers

All numbers are managed from your dashboard where you can order/cancel them at any time with no commitment.


Mobile apps


Use your allocated numbers on your existing device via our intuitive and natively-designed iOS and Android apps.

More features here

Get separate numbers for your employees now...




Richard M


"I needed a new number for a business startup and this service made it possible. When I had a small technical issue they were immediately available to help and resolved the issue promptly, and when I no longer needed the service they were really helpful and supportive. I would thoroughly recommend"



Martin Jackson


"Having started my own business, I needed both mobile and traditional numbers without wanting to incur a big set-up cost. Swytch was the perfect solution for my needs at this time. In addition, the support is fantastic, and they provide great customer service when you need it."






"Swytch is a fantastic product. I use a second phone line for my business and find Swytch so much more convenient, secure and affordable than my previous solutions of either having a second mobile phone or a dual SIM phone with a second contract. The Swytch customer support is superb..."

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It's so cheap, it's unbelievable...

Basic Plan


/month + VAT

tick    1x Mobile/landline number
tick    Cheap UK calls (From 3p a minute)
tick    Cheap UK SMS (4p per SMS)
tick    Cheap international calls
tick    Free inbound calls + SMS
tick    Free Swytch to Swytch
tick    Port-in existing numbers
tick    No set-up fees
tick    No commitment




Looks like Swytch is the solution for your business communications


Still have some questions?

Which devices can I use?

For registering, you have to use a browser on any device. For using Swytch mobile number, you have to download the Swytch app on your iOS or Android mobile number.

Where can I view Swytch call rates?

The call rates are available to see here.

How many numbers can I set up on my phone using Swytch?

There is no upper limit to the additional numbers you can attach to one primary number.

An important tip for Business users: you can add unlimited numbers to your main account and assign each number to your employees and/or business verticals. 

Can we use the Swytch number with WhatsApp?

Yes, a Swytch number can be used with Whatsapp.

Important tip: If you have a business on WhatsApp and want to avoid two phones (one for personal and one for business), then read this blog.

What payment options are there?

Currently, we use Stripe for taking the payments. You can use your VISA, Mastercard or American Express, Credit or Debit Cards to make the payments using Stripe.

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