Goodbye "work phones"


Swytch offers a cloud-based alternative to 'bring your own device' (BYOD) and company-provided mobile phones, taking the benefits of each to produce the best-of-breed solution that scales with your business.

UK landline & mobile
A new UK landline or mobile number is provided to every user
Unlimited numbers
Need separate sales and customer service lines? Landline access from your mobile? Give your team as many numbers as they need
Add & remove numbers
Control numbers allocated to your team instantly. Securely provide your team with permanent and temporary numbers where you can cancel at any time
Bring your existing number to Swytch with our simple porting service
Swytch numbers are yours to keep. Port them to any other network at any time
Mobile apps
Access your allocated numbers on your existing device via our intuitive natively-designed iOS and Android apps
Personalised voicemail
Set up individual voicemail greetings and settings for each line
Know if it's business or personal at a glance. See who's calling you and on which line before you take the call 
Outbound caller ID
Choose which number you want to display in outgoing communications, both business and personal
No roaming charges
Swytch won't charge you for receiving calls or texts, no matter where you are in the world
Cheap international calls
Make international calls from your mobile at a fraction of a traditional network costs
Customised tariffs
Choose pay-as-you-go options for low-volume users, or unlimited bundles for busy teams
Scale up & down
Add and remove users with immediate effect using the Swytch online dashboard

Free internal calls
You and your team can use Swytch numbers to make unlimited free internal calls


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