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Moving abroad but want to keep your UK presence for family, friends or work? It all comes at great costs with your current operator, but you might not be ready for this sacrifice.

Look no further; you have found your dream place.





Here are some powerful features

UK mobile & landline

Get a new UK mobile / landline number in a few seconds, or port your existing ones to Swytch.


Bring your existing number(s) in no time to Swytch with our simple and efficient porting service.

Mobile apps

Use your allocated numbers on your existing device via our intuitive and natively-designed iOS and Android apps.

Cheap international calls

Make international calls from your Swytch number(s) at a fraction of traditional network costs.

Unlimited numbers

Need more numbers to separate communications? Get as many numbers as you need on one or separate accounts.

No roaming charges


Swytch won't charge you for receiving calls or texts, no matter where you are in the world.

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"Simon from Swytch provided me with fantastic support while I was moving overseas. The process of porting my UK number to the service and keeping access to it was really straightforward thanks to Swytch. I found them the best choice for anyone with a similar requirement; I would fully recommend them."



Andrew Rigney


"Excellent service. Very fast response time and really helpful too. The service will be a blessing for me as an expat I get to keep my U.K. number without it costing me a fortune.
Thank you"




Henry Sayer


"The service has been a godsend, as an expat it's brilliant to have my UK mobile attached to the app and then on the local abroad phone. You get all your messages, voicemails and calls as normal, you can make UK calls to the UK via the app and no-one is the wiser. Highly recommended."

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Basic Plan


/month + VAT

tick    1x Mobile/landline number
tick    Cheap UK calls (From 3p a minute)
tick    Cheap UK SMS (4p per SMS)
tick    Cheap international calls
tick    Free inbound calls + SMS
tick    Free Swytch to Swytch
tick    Port-in existing numbers
tick    No set-up fees
tick    No commitment




Let's keep your UK number, it only takes a few seconds...


Still have some questions?

Can I port my existing number?

You can indeed port your existing numbers to the service. Just like with any other mobile or landline provider, we are able to request the number you are currently using with another network to be transferred over to Swytch. Please make sure to create an account with us, you'll be allocated a Swytch mobile or landline and then get in touch with our support team with the details below to start the transfer:

  • Number you wish to port into Swytch (this is the "port-in number")
  • PAC code linked to the port-in number (obtained from your current mobile or landline provider)
  • PAC expiry date
  • The Swytch number on your account you would like to have replaced with the port-in number

If you have any questions just get in touch with our support team.

Should I use Wi-Fi or mobile data?

Hmm! Tricky question! But don't you worry, we have an easy answer.

Swytch uses an internet connection to make the calls. Hence, when in the UK, and your primary number is of UK, feel free to use mobile or Wi-Fi. Only remember that making calls with Swytch will use your mobile data if you switch the mobile data on.

When you are out of the UK and your primary number is of UK, then it is advised to use Wi-Fi to avoid roaming charges on your data plan (of the primary number). By using Wi-Fi, you will avoid the roaming charges altogether. When you are out of UK and your primary number is a local (to the country you are in), then feel use mobile or Wi-Fi.

Can I use Swytch while roaming abroad?

Yes, as long as you have an internet connection on your phone. Swytch calls do not incur roaming charges but please make sure that you either use it on WiFi or the data plan of a local number when abroad.

How am I charged while roaming abroad?

When you are abroad, if you have a local SIM number of the country you are in, then you can choose to use the data plan or WiFi.

However, if you don’t have a local SIM number, then it is advised to use Wi-Fi to enable the internet on your device so that you don’t get charged with roaming charges on your SIM’s data plan. Swytch number uses the internet connection on the mobile handset, either through Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan. So, please keep this in mind while using your Swytch mobile number.

Are there any contracts I need to sign and for how long?

That's the good part. There is no contract to be signed. It’s as simple as signing up and you will have a new number to use.

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