5 reasons you might need a UK number when living overseas

Check out this article to find out some of the top reasons you might need to keep your UK number when living abroad.

When you move to live overseas from the UK, you'll have your sights firmly set on a new beginning.

However, once you’re settled, you might realise that you still need to have a UK mobile number for various reasons.

Here are some of the top reasons you might need to keep your UK number when living abroad.

Why might you need to keep a UK mobile number abroad?

Whether it’s for business purposes, maintaining relationships from afar or taking care of personal admin, there are several reasons that a UK mobile number may be necessary when living in a different country.

1. For keeping in touch

If you’re using a local SIM card, or continue to use your UK number on the contract you were on before you emigrated, you may find that you’re subject to roaming charges and other costs when making international calls.

In this case, a virtual UK number becomes a real benefit, allowing you to make calls, send texts and more without the worry of racking up huge bills. This makes it much easier, convenient and stress-free to stay in touch with loved ones when you live abroad.

2. For banking purposes

Many UK-based banks require a UK phone number to remain open and active. This could be for admin purposes, or for security. For example, you might need a UK number to receive a two-factor authentication code when logging into your online banking.

If you’re keeping a bank account in the UK after moving, you may therefore need to keep your number active.

3. To avoid mobile phone disconnection

If you browse any expat forums or online communities, one of the most common talking points relates to mobile phone contracts and usage. In some cases, UK mobile networks will require regular use of the number in order to keep the service active.

This can become an issue if you don’t use the number regularly (not to mention the wasted costs in keeping the number active). Instead, transferring your number to a virtual service like Swytch can help keep costs down and avoid disconnection.

4. If you regularly travel back to the UK

If you travel to the UK — for work or pleasure — on a regular basis, it makes sense to keep your UK number active. The problem is that you’ll probably also need another device and SIM card to use in your new homeland.

With a Swytch virtual number, you can have both your local number and UK number on one device so you can use either number wherever you are.

5. To reduce your costs

If your UK mobile is on a contract, you’ll need to consider the monthly price of keeping it active after moving abroad. You may also need a local phone number, which adds to your outgoings - particularly if you need a second device to have both available at once.

On top of that, roaming charges and call costs can drive up your bills. Instead, signing up for a virtual number means you can keep your UK contact details at a low monthly cost without worrying about spiralling bills.

Living abroad? Keep your UK number with Swytch

As you’ve read in this article, keeping a UK phone number when living abroad can be handy for a number of reasons. However, it can also become quite costly unless you use a virtual number.

Swytch offers you the chance to set up a virtual UK number which is accessed via an app, and you can even port in your existing number to avoid any downtime or hassle of letting people know about a change. It’s really cheap, too — a monthly payment of £6 which can be cancelled at any time. Sign up today!

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