Business Plan
£5 +VAT
  • Cheap call & text rates
  • Cheap international rates
  • Free incoming calls & texts
  • Free Swytch to Swytch calls & texts
  • Existing number port-in

Benefits to your company
  • No commitment
  • Company level billing and balance
  • Control via a web dashboard
  • No company handsets cost/management
  • Save on your overall bill
Benefits to your team
  • Only one phone to carry around
  • Up to 5 lines per user
  • Individual voicemail for each line
  • No cost to users
Call & Text Rates
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Incoming calls and texts are always free

Pricing FAQ

Can I port in my existing number?

Yes you can, just request a PAC code from your current network operator and contact our support team after you have signed up. We will replace the Swytch number that has been automatically allocated to you on registration with your current number as soon as your network operator releases it to us (usually a couple of working days).

Important note: At the moment we can only port in UK mobile numbers.

Can I cancel at anytime? How?

Yes of course, there is no commitment with Swytch! Instantly cancel a number at any point from the web dashboard. Just get to the Numbers section and choose the number you wish to discontinue.

How do I get charged for calls and texts?

Your account has got a credit balance from which each outgoing call or text charge is billed from. Multiple users on your account? Don't worry, one account balance is shared between all of its users. If you want to top-up or check your account balance, just log into the web dashboard.

What country numbers do you provide?

At the moment we are focused on providing UK mobile numbers only, but we are rolling out other country's mobile numbers and worldwide landline numbers very soon. Tell us which one you want us to focus on next here.