Virtual Numbers

Swytch numbers are "SIM card free", which means they are not bound to hardware and are accessible from any connected device. We work alongside a main UK mobile operator, so our numbers work in exactly the same fashion as any other UK mobile number. They are SMS and call enabled and can also be used on third party services such as WhatsApp. To start using Swytch, no change is required on either the company or the employees’ side. Businesses register online and distribute mobile numbers to their teams, which are instantly available to employees via the Swytch app.

Scalable & Flexible
No additional phone

No additional phone

No need to purchase and carry around multiple handsets, everything works on your team’s personal devices

No commitment

No commitment

Add or remove numbers at any time, flexibility is the key!

Existing numbers port-in

Existing numbers port-in

Keep your existing business numbers by easily transferring them to Swytch

Powerful features

Powerful features

Get powerful features on your mobile numbers, not available from a traditional operator

Online Dashboard

Have complete control over your Swytch numbers from the online dashboard. Instantly scale your numbers stock and control access and permissions on an individual basis.

Easy Management

Instant allocation & transfer

Get new numbers instantly and transfer them easily between employees.

Complete Cost Control

Keep an eye on your company plan and how much is being spent at any point.

User Management

Invite your team and provide them access to the service in a couple of clicks.

online dashboard screenshot
Team’s App

Employees access their business number on their own handset using a simple and intuitive app.

More features coming soon

Call recording on the fly

Conference call on the fly

Call cascading

Custom availability

Smart call diverts

White & Black Listing

Virtual assistant

Desktop app

Voicemail and text by email

Company shared contact book

Communications analytics

CRM integrations

How does it work?

Swytch calls use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capacities, which means they are transmitted over data on the Swytch user’s end and delivered as a traditional call on the recipient’s side. Swytch users are therefore able to communicate normally with any number in the world.

Open the app
1. Open the app

Philip opens Swytch app to make a call to Katie from his business number

Dial a number
2. Dial a number

The call is initiated from Philip’s data plan/wifi as a VoIP call and directed to Swytch Cloud platform

Get converted
3. Get converted

The platform converts the call into a traditional PSTN call and transfers it to Katie’s Network Operator

Call notified
4. Call notified

Katie’s operator delivers the call to her mobile phone as they would do with any other call

Call started
5. Call started

She receives the call and the displayed caller ID is Philip’s business number