How does Swytch work?

Swytch is a cloud-based mobile network, that provides you with the ability to manage multiple UK mobile and landline numbers on one device, without the need to change your phone, network or SIM card. Not only does Swytch allow you to do this for yourself, but as a business solution, you can provide your employees with work mobile and landline numbers that your company will always own, control and manage.

With all Swytch lines, you can make and receive calls (and texts for mobile numbers) on any device, wherever you are. You can choose which line to display in your outgoing communication, and identify which line you're receiving any communication on - ideal for maintaining and identifying professional communication but without using separate devices.

Swytch brings the best of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and the dreaded "work mobile phone" into one clever solution - one phone but with multiple numbers.